Thursday, September 10, 2009

X for Breakfast

In the brightening morning light, Mendez strolls around the huge bodies of the dead Ogres. They're barely better than Orcs in his opinion and the world of Fissa’s better off without them. Especially their Ogre mage leader.
The two dead Elves bother him though. While it’s true that they attacked first; he can’t really fault them for it. His friends are guarding the Black cloaks who, Mendez feels in his bones to be evil.
The ‘mission’ is pretty much finished, but something’s still nagging at him and he itches to finish what the Elves started.
If only they’d spoken when given the chance.


RoboGeek said...

Thesis looks over the ogre bodies too and wonders just how many of these there are down with the orc army.

Somehow he feels that despite their two resounding victories, sheer weight of numbers might just give the army the upper hand.

He looks at the gold received in payment and mutters ... time to go home then?

Hedzor said...

Was it Josh who explained the definition of 'decimate'?
Sven said that there were about 500 Orcs and Ogres in the valley.
We've killed 57 of them already.
That's about a 10th of their entire army!

Joebroesel said...

Well, this theory is nice and works perfectly well in some cases (orcs come round a corner one by one = minimal risk and effort and you only have to do it 500 times)

If 500 orcs/ogres/ogre mages/orc druids and whatnot are arriving at your position at the same time it might be a bit different.......