Friday, September 11, 2009

A few XP before the storm

Well, pretty close for some! I can see another levelling wave rolling towards us!

Eolar: Level 15: 117950 xp - Hunting down some guerrillas
Mendez: Level 15:117123 xp - Happy because he found elven arrows
Bodush: Level 14: 91150 xp - LEVEL UP! Sorcerer vs Mage: 1:0
Wer: Level 13: 90473 xp - If only killing a cup of coffee would give 527XP...
Chen: Level 13: 89243 xp - Can't see his own fists anymore while hitting elven faces
Thesis: Level 13(15): 88419 xp - is there, no there, ah, there.
Elogyn: Level 12: 77999 xp - Doesn't consider Eolar's charisma high enough to level herself
Durin: Level 12: 76590 xp - Finally met some giants

(DM background info: Eolar has a leadership score of 18 for both cohort and followers, so Elogyn can't reach level 13 and 40 people decided to join Eolar's monastery)


Hedzor said...

Only eleven?!!
... Oh wait 'Elven'.
How many arrows, and quivers?
Any magical stuff?
These are the poorliest equiped high level characters ever!
Also, Eolar's pulling away!

Insanodag said...

Level 14!!!

This means level 7 spells!!

What should I pick?

Delayed blast fireball? Limited Wish, Power Word Blind, Finger of Death? The opportunities are endless...

RoboGeek said...

Limited Wish! Ooohh ... You can be a genie!

Insanodag said...

The problem with limited wish is that it costs xp to work. I think a Prismatic Ray is more fun.

RoboGeek said...

Just read up on Prismatic Spray.

It is awesome - and funny.

Bodush is now incredibly powerful!

Hedzor said...

Don't worry my friend, we could still take him.
What's he got. 50HPs?
That's just a single swing of your sword or a round of arrows from me!

Insanodag said...

60-odd hit points, thank you very much! Bodush, the glass cannon, reporting.

Hedzor said...

60 plus HPs for a 14th level Sorcerer is fantastic!
I'm guessing most would only have just over 40...
Bodush secretly has an 18 constitution doesn't he?
That would explain how he can drink so much and not die.

RoboGeek said...

Do HP work the same way in 4th Edition?

Or do they have some fancy wound/trauma points?

Anyway, as you say Mendez, we could still take him. You tie him down and cover him with a fine spray of water and I'll hit him very hard. You might want to put off his concentration too by pulling a silly face or something.

Insanodag said...

Hit Points work the same more or less, except you have more of them at lower levels(So do the monsters). You do have a "bloodied" When you lose half your hit points, which has some effects, and when you reach zero, you are three saving throws away from death.

D20 modern and Star Wars had some odd systems for damage, though, but I don't have them handy.