Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spread your wings

It was time. The messenger had arrived.
He got up and took a look around. The walls that were his prison for so long! He smiled.
It was the Day of Suffering in Abriymoch. Belial and Fierna would be distracted while the celebrations lasted. But they had to be cautious. A gate too close to the center of Phlegethos would surely be noticed. The archduke could feel gates within his realm. A second gate was a clever idea. Perhaps he had underestimated his new ally.
All the guards on duty were loyal to him. They were waiting. Time to go.

Flying low over the rivers of fire he looked back at the city which was illuminated by the red light of magma. By the 9 levels of Baator, he will be back when he regained his strength.
Flying on, he looked at Thereanthor. His new partner had told him about the problems waiting at their destination. He had to smile again. Soon they would stop to underestimate his powers! As if a few mortals could stop him....


RoboGeek said...


Four new characters, two or three new locations, at least a couple of new plot threads, 9 depths of hell and a whole new city of magma??

I know that plot unfolding should be gradual, but this is ridiculous. Nothing for 5 sessions, then, as we reach our promised conclusive evening we get a veritable flood of new stuff!

I'm definitely with Mendez - let's skedaddle.

Joebroesel said...

This is the same character that was was there all the time and even appeared in other adventures.
These are just events happening on a different plane...
Nobody said that you have to go there :)

3 new locations?? I counted one city..
5 sessions?? Today is the fourth...and last.

So relax.....deep breaths....everything will be fine ;-)

Hedzor said...

Moritz unwittingly introduced this character when he DM'd.

I took him forward during Mayor Boscorm's return.

Sven is merely exploiting a hanging plot thread.

I wonder if we'll see the return of the Kyton?

Insanodag said...

darn...plane travel can't be done using teleportation... I say we leg it.

Hedzor said...

Actually, I think it's coming our way.
I say we fire all the long rang stuff we've got at it and then send Durin in.

RoboGeek said...

OK - I count at least 2 new locations:


And questionably a third in "Baator" (which is why I said 2 or 3)

Characters there are:

The person speaking "archduke"
His partner Thereanthor

That's 4 right?

9 depths of hell - well, this is where I am getting a little flippant and suggesting Baator is a circle of hell.

And magma.

What exactly was incorrect about that??
OK, I inflated the number of adventures, but it did feel like we had been travelling towards an adventure forever!

And, to top it all with a big dollop of irony, it turns out this was the most important post of all. Had we read between the lines we would have realiased the "archduke" was in fact a pit-fiend. Silly old us!