Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Vicious Magic Circle

As a player and a DM I have always advocated restraint when giving out magical items.
My rational was simple: The more you give the characters, the more you have to give to the subsequent monsters and villains to enable them to stand up to the empowered players and therefore the more the characters have to face the next raft of monsters with!
The more magic you give; the more (more powerful) magic you’re forced to give.
That said, we’ve got to high levels now. I think we can relax this ‘rule’ a bit.

(Anyone fancy giving Mendez a Composite Longbow greater than +1?)

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RoboGeek said...

Actually, I sort of agree.

Early on too many magical items unbalance games and cause jealousy. Magic should generally be earned.

However, at a certain point the characters are fairly powerful in their own right and magic is not as powerful as a result.

For instance a +1 sword isn't worth a look at, so what harm it being on sale? (We've certainly sold a few of our own!) Even a +2 sword could be justified being found in a shop (thanks Quart!).

But I would still feel that you would have to earn a +3 or +4 item. And, of course, +5 vorpal swords are still out of our league!

PS - We need to go to a composite longbow maker - I need one that can take my improved strength!