Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Banner: Mass-orc-er!

Thanks to Kirk for the title pun and another of our Bayeux Tapestry style story banners.

This was perhaps our most successful single encounters. With just four adventurers running a protection detail through a mountain wilderness we encountered a massive force of elite orc soldiers. They were a good distance away and we had the advantage of high ground, but the level of the task became clear as soon as we (foolishly it seemed) launched a maximised fireball into their midst.

The fireball dealt 60 HP damage and not a single orc fell. They were also supported by 2 Wer like druidsin eagle form. Undeterred Mendez launched arrows, Bodush both fireballed and Magic-Missiled, Thesis took pot luck at one of the eagles from an unfeasible distance and Chen bided his time till they got a little closer.

Suffice to day the tide soon turned in our favour. Mendez and Bodush counted for over 30 of the orcs before they were even within a few hundred feet of our position, but the most incredible feat was still to come.

From over 500ft away, Thesis launched 3 arrows at one of the eagle-druids. The first had some chance of hitting, sure. But the other 2 would really only hit with a natural 20. Mendez was encouraging him saying "go for it - you never know!". Sure enough the first hit, but blinked into the ethereal plane. Then, Thesis rolled3 natural 20s in a row. Critical, plus another hit
! And the eagle was down!

From then on it was easy. Chen ran towards the orcs, but turned and waited for Thesis to catch. Between them they dealt with the few remaining orcs with Bodush seeing off the last druid and Mendez raining death on them all.

Fun, and 60,000XP :-D


Insanodag said...

I have to admit, when nobody died after the first fireball, I was getting slightly worried.

Hedzor said...

You didn't mention that it was FIFTY 10th level Orc Soldiers!
Bodush was awesome and the rest of us played our parts admirably.
As for Thesis' getting one of the Eagle/Druids from 500ft away...
Beginers luck!
Also, Mendez was never afraid. The slowest of us had a movement rate of 200ft per round!

Charlie Stilton said...

I love the smell of napalm(ed orc) in the morning.