Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hard-hitting Defence

Thesis opens the scroll.
It is a message from his father.
News travels fast - back in his homeland they have heard of Thesis' heroic adventures. The battles with the Legions of the Undead and Orc hordes, arial combat with a Black Dragon and the sacking of the evil lord Bailey.
Bailey was in many ways Thesis' final test, a real examination of his decision to put all hope in his Sword, eschewing armoured defence in favour of speed of combat and fleetness of feet.
His proficiency with a sword is now beyond doubt and the father can be truely proud of his son.
Thesis is no longer an adpet, studying, learning but can now be considered the teacher and expert. ;)


Hedzor said...

Whenever I think about the battle between Bailey and Thesis, I just imagine the sounds:
Clang, clang! Swish, swish. Clang, clang! Swish, swish.
As Bailey swings but constantly misses and Thesis repeatedly connects but can't drive past the heavy metal armour.

Insanodag said...