Friday, June 13, 2008

Rat up a Drainpipe

Blimey, that Halfling was fast!


Joebroesel said...

I can see you are really lost for words :D

Moritz Buck said...

yeah well ... he had the run feat, and probably a cool pair of boots and a couple of nice rings.... you saw how good he was at stealing :P

(PS: and telfis was suppose to run after him ... and he does not have run and a 40ft movement ...)

Hedzor said...

Give me one more level in Ranger and I'm going to be even quicker!
Actually Mendez really liked that Halfling.
What's his name?

Moritz Buck said...

called shorty by his friends

Hedzor said...

All Halflings are called 'Shorty' by their friends!