Thursday, June 12, 2008

City of Gold

Mendez yawns and stretches lazily. Looking over he sees Zia still sleeping beside him. Smiling Mendez rolls naked from the bed and dresses in the fine clothes his servants have laid out.
The glorious Sun pours over the estate, bathing it in a golden light.
After breakfast Mendez visits his Uncle Mendoza, the man he was named in honour of. Mendoza is well into his fifties, but still physically strong and robust. He is also the best swordsman for miles around.
“Good morning Nephew. Up for your lesson?”
Mendez smiles for the second time today. He’d initially been surprised on discovering that he was a match for his uncle, but still the old dog had taught him a few new tricks.
“Remember boy, fancy is fun, but ultimately you want to drive your sword in as deeply as possible. Hurt a man and he’ll try to retaliate. Kill him and you’re safe.”
They fence for a while until Mendoza is forced to surrender.
“Easy boy, don’t you know I’m an old man?”
Later Mendez goes back to the house to see his Father Esteban.
“Father, It has been wonderful to come home but I feel the need to adventure again. Do I have your permission?”
Esteban smiles warmly. “Of course son, all your debts are paid. This time though, say a proper goodbye to your Mother and come visit us often.”
Mendez hurries off to say his goodbyes. Taking his favourite Brother Sancho to one side he whispers, “Look after Zia and our Sister for me. Who knows how long I’ll be gone this time?”

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