Monday, June 2, 2008

The Prodigal Son

Mendez looks down on the islands drifting past below; Islands that he finally recognises.
With a subtle change in tack, he steers the Sky ship towards his family’s estate.
As they get closer, Mendez makes a quick assessment of his cargo.
A large flock of sheep with several Rams, a huge quantity of ivory, hundreds of diamonds of varying sizes and quality, hundreds of pearls, a bag of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, a goblet carved from a single ruby, an exquisite piece of gold jewellery and a beautiful slave-girl.
Although the Sky ship is titanic, there is room enough to land it in the central courtyard.
Servants and family members run out to see the cause of all the noise and commotion and Mendez acrobatically swings down to the ground on a rope.
His smile vanishes however when he sees his Father’s stern look.
“Father, I have come home to apologise for leaving without your permission and to repay you for all of my gambling debts that you covered for me after my sudden departure.”
With a quick signal, the Hamsters start to unload Mendez’s cargo of Sheep and Ivory. And although impressive as it seems to everyone else, Mendez’s father is unmoved. Unmoved that is, until Mendez shows him the precious gems.
“My son, I can see you’ve done well for yourself. This treasure will indeed cover all your gambling debts and help salve relations with our neighbours. Go into the house and see your Mother.”
Mendez does as bidden and although kissing the girls and embracing his brothers, gets to her as quickly as he can.
“Mother, I have missed you most of all. I have a gifts from a far away Kingdom just for you.” With a heartfelt embrace, he presents her with the ruby goblet and the exquisite golden necklace.
Much later, after much feasting and rejoicing, Mendez finds himself still massively wealthy despite the repayments. He gives about half that remains to the Hamsters. His Father is more than happy to rent out some of his farm buildings and arable land to them.
Mendez feels content knowing that despite being an oddity, they will be safe and welcome here.
Exhausted after all the reunions with old friends and his enormous family Mendez finally heads back towards the house.
Walking lazily into his old room, he smiles as he sees the beautiful young woman curled up in the bed. Although he freed her as soon as she boarded the Sky ship, the slave girl had stayed a willing companion.
Despite a yearning to get back to adventure, maybe a few weeks at home would do him some good.


Insanodag said...

Why do I always feel a strong urge to strangle Mendez?

Hedzor said...

Because he's the flip side of Bodush?

Joebroesel said...

Dag, don't worry. He is only dreaming! Or how else do you explain that Mendez can travel around for weeks while we didn't spend more than a week in the game? ;-)

Hedzor said...

What do you mean?
The Party spent nearly two weeks just in the tunnel to and from the Derro's underground domain!
You've been travelling for weeks already.
Also, Mendez has to justify his experience and monetary gains somehow.
Perhaps the Hamster engineers are 'Quantum mechanics'?