Friday, May 30, 2008

Treasure up till now

Ok, long one to get our inventories right! I had a look through the non-magic items and gold we found. We took the stuff from the hamlet on the cart and sold half of it to Grimes (and then got it back by killing him). Here is a list of things we got since I last posted/emailed some money and that hasn't been claimed, yet:

From the hamlet adventure (Everybody but Mendez):
- Cart with 11895gp worth of armour/weapons
- 12 gems
- Hour glass
- 2x Everburning torch
- 2x Tanglefoot bag

From the sky battle:
(Everybody but Bodush)
- 2000gp

From the Grimes battle
(All but Durin/Mendez/Thesis):
- 11937gp worth of armour/weapons
- 6649gp
- 14 gems
- 42 arrows
- 252 crossbow bolts

The gems are:
All the 12 are 'Bloodstones' (BS, 50 each). Ten of the others are 'amethysts' (A, 100 each). One 'Blue Sapphire' (B, 1000gp) and a 'Green Emerald' (G, 1000gp)
= 3600gp

All the other stuff should have been claimed. Stuff we couldn't carry or Shen-Shen took is not counted. Also the magic stuff from the last one is not included.

After selling the stuff to Grimes, this means the following gold directly for everybody (depending on appearance at the time). Gems are distributed directly (as we can't split them) and I took the blue sapphire as i did the maths and Telfis got the other one as he can carry nothing :)

GP + Gems:
Mendez: 333.33gp
Durin: 690.76gp + 2 BS
Kruddo: 2087.23gp + 2 BS + 2 A
Bodush: 2087.23gp + 2 BS + 2 A
Thesis: 319.04gp + 2 BS
Wer: 2087.23gp + 2 BS + 2 A
Eolar: 1520.56gp + B + 2 A
Telfis: 1420.56gp + 2 BS + G + 2 A

Stuff on carts: 23832gp (has to be sold in Seawell)

Eolar took the arrows, the hour glass, tanglefoot bags and a everlasting torch (as no one wanted that).

Thesis, Durin and Telfis, don't forget the 100gp we got from Grimes (not included above).

If anybody already took some of the gp from the sky battle or the camp, please deduct that.

And take a bit more care of money and it's weight (1 coin = .02 lb)! I'm quite sure some of you are overweight ;-)

Everybody who wants bolts, take them and tell me! The rest will go on cart/Meldo.

Ok, enough calculating!


Hedzor said...

Thanks for doing this!

Joebroesel said...

Eolar has also 3 torches to offer. And take food, there is plenty. Kruddo can even renew his chicken :D
The old one must be mad by now from living in a backpack!

Let's have a nice BBQ with some fresh steaks!

Hedzor said...

Is that 'Stuff on carts' value: Purchase value or the half price sale value?
The price you get may/will be effected by whichever of you does the selling.

Joebroesel said...

It's the purchase value for now as I thought it's easier to calculate when we bargain.

Hedzor said...

You haven't deducted Shen-Shen's MWKs Studded leather armour, 2 x MWKs Shortswords, MWKs Shortbow and 20 arrows.
Are you not allowing her to reclaim her own equipment?

Joebroesel said...

Actually the only thing I haven't deducted were the 20 arrows. Eolar took them all and is giving her 20 back. The other things are not included on the cart and therefore hers.