Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sixth Voyage of Mendez

The closer he gets, the more Mendez’s soul yearns for home. Vowing that nothing further will get between him and his family, Mendez happily returns to his bunk.
Again though, through a combination of misfortune and the Hamsters poor steering, the helms hamster fails to avoid a huge obstacle and violently crashes the Sky ship into a tall, inland cliff.
The Sky ship, with the majority of its balloons ruptured, grinds noisily down the rock face.
They settle with a crunching jolt at the foot of the cliff. Amazingly no one is seriously injured. They disembark from what’s left of the Sky ship and explore the immediate area, only to discover that the island is completely barren with no food to be had anywhere. After a couple of days, despite Mendez’s sharply honed survival skills, they all begin to starve.
A few of the Hamsters, lead by Mendez, journey inland to look for food and materials to repair the Sky ship. A few days later they discover a river running into a cavern beneath the cliffs. With no other option, they build a raft and follow the stream down into the mountain.
Eventually they clear the underground river and find themselves above ground again, in the Kingdom of ‘Serenity’, where pearls fill the rivers and diamonds cover the valleys. As strangers are unheard of here, they are taken immediately before the King. The aged King marvels at what Mendez tells him of their adventures.
As a reward, he summons forth workers to help repair the Sky ship, timber, tools and food as fit for royalty. He also gives Mendez a special gift of a goblet carved from a single ruby. Also with a wink, he presents and a beautiful slave-girl to keep his spirits high on lonely nights. This in addition to all the ‘worthless’ diamonds and pearls requested by the canny Mendez.
With the help of the citizens of Serenity, the Sky ship is soon repaired and airborne again.


RoboGeek said...

Nice. Mendez is getting richer and richer while also getting a little more "experienced" if you get my meaning - nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

Hope Mendez is keeping a detailed map of how to get back to the various places full of treasure ;)

Hedzor said...

Alas, he is driven by the whims of fate.
(Also known as the retarded Hamsters.)