Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Desserts

With a flamboyant gesture, Savant Freud gives a command to a handful of his underlings; “Release the prisoners!”
A few muttered responses and Savant Freud is forced to elaborate.
“No, of course not ‘all’ the prisoners. Give them the amputees who‘ve resisted the mind-altering process. They’re worthless to us now.”
More muttering.
“What do you mean ‘They’ve escaped’? How can a bunch of limbless cripples escape? Why didn’t the Derro on guard stop them?”
A trembling Derro edges forward. “Er… The strangers killed the guard.”
Savant Freud pulls himself to his full height of nearly four and a half feet.
“They killed a Derro?”
The squirming Derro coughs and mentions the two Derro crossbowmen and Pandit Beck.
Savant Freud’s voice squeaks, “They’ve killed four of us?”
His face darkens and he remains silent for a few moments.
“For the good of our people, let’s give them what they’ve asked for.”

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Insanodag said...

And we would have killed more if we could have!