Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Seventh Voyage of Mendez

Restless to get home, Mendez drives the Hamsters forward, with unfortunately the usual result. The Bungling Hamsters manage to disconnect something vital at an inopportune time, causing them all to cast up on yet another unknown shore.
Mendez curses himself for not making a map of his journey. Despite all of his remarkable survival skills, he’s no seasoned traveller.
Finding a river, Mendez leaves the Hamsters to make repairs. He makes a simple raft and floats along the water. Soon he finds himself at a great city called ‘Mammouth’. As soon as Mendez flashes his purse of precious gems, he’s taken to one of the palaces to see the Chief of the Merchants.
Impressed by Mendez’s innate good looks as well as his obvious wealth, the Merchant chief showers him with fine food, strong wine and beautiful dancing girls.
Once Mendez is suitably drunk, the Merchant chief starts to barter for the gems. Mendez isn’t very interested but eventually agrees to exchange the few gems he has with him for huge quantities of ivory.
Once the gems have changed hands however, the merchant throws back his head and laughs, “Do you not realise that Ivory is common here. I would have traded you for twice as much!”
Mendez looks up lazily from between the dancing girls and smiles, “Ah, but ivory is rare where I come from. I would gladly have paid you double.”
The Merchant chief curses, but a deal’s a deal.
After an immensely enjoyable night, Mendez, escorted by dozens of men and carts, travels back to the now ready Hamsters.
They load up the new supplies and again, float gently upwards.

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