Friday, May 23, 2008

Rewards for Grimes and Misdemeanors

Sifting through the camp, you recover all your original goods plus a great deal more.

You strip the Orc bodies to recover:
4 x Chain shirt armour
16 x Studded leather armour
20 x Falchions
48 x Javalins
4 x MWKs Heavy Cross Bows

Orc Warriors:
3 x MWKS Falchions
3 x MWKS Light Crossbows
3 x MWKS ChainArmour
24 Crossbow Bolts
3 x Gems

3 x MWKS Large Chain Shirt Armour
3 x MWKS Great club
9 x Javalins
Potion bottle
Potion bottle
3 x Gems

A warped Giant MWKS Heavy Mace
Giant Chain Shirt Armour
Giant Large Steel Shield
8 Gems
Potion bottle
An Ornate Headband
Large wooden Spoon
12 x nice rocks.

6 x Cart horses
4 x Carts
8 x Cows
17 x Goats
33 x Chickens

Fresh food and wine for about two weeks.. for about 60 mouths.

A stash of gold in Grimes’ house.

6 x MWKs Studded leather armour.
6 x MWKs Longswords.
2 x MWKs Shortswords.
6 x MWKs Shortbows
42 x Arrows
228 x Crossbow bolts.

Shen-Shen demands her MWKs Studded leather armour,2 x MWKs Shortswords, MWKs Shortbow and 20 arrows.


Insanodag said...

Bodush detects magic, followed by Identifies of all relevant items. (If you still have his character sheet, you will find that he still has quite a few pearls left).

Joebroesel said...

Are those MWK chain armours from the orc warriors chain mails or chain shirts? Elogyn would like a MWK chain shirt :)

Hedzor said...

It costs Bodush several hours and five pearls to discover:
In his home, you found two Potion bottles. One was empty but the other one was:Protection From Arrows (10damReductionMax50)
Under his normal helmet he was wearingt a: Headband of Intellect+6!
He also had a: Murlynds Spoon.
The only other magic to be found is on the two Ogres:
Potion of Bulls Strength +4 Strength.
Potion of Barkskin +2 Armour class.

Hedzor said...

In medium we only have:
Masterworks Chainmail armour.
Standard Chain shirts.

RoboGeek said...

:) I do love your post titles

PS: I recommend fighting only medium sized monsters going forward (and the odd shortie for Wer).

Cynan said...

Telfis is going to distance-duel anyone for the int headband! =)