Friday, May 9, 2008

Derro:0/Adventurers:0 (A draw!)

Less party members and tougher opponents means; Lots of experience!

Eolar: 31,246 xp (8th Level: Cleric:5/Ranger:3) Goes up a level!
Elogyn: 11,608 xp (5th Level: Cleric:5) Goes up a level!
Telfis: 30,766xp (8th Level Rogue:6/Bard:2) Goes up a level!
Bodush: 28,757 xp (8th Level: Sorcerer:8) Goes up a level!
Wer: 26,896xp (7th Level: Druid:7)
Durin: 25,219 xp (7th Level!: Barbarian:7)
Kruddo: 14,099 xp (5th Level: Fighter:5)
Thesis: 28,707 xp (8th Level!: Fighter:6/Cleric:1/Barbarian:1)
Mendez: 34,306 xp (8th Level: Ranger:3/Barbarian:2/Fighter:3)

Eolar, Elogyn,Telfis and Bodush all go up a level.
They feel that familiar 'ping' while gazing at the near naked Flesh golemess.
Level '8' means an additional attribute point!
Send me your revised character sheets. (YOU TOO WER!)

We’ll play the fourth part in two weeks time.
(Pretty please sort out Assif with Skype.)

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