Friday, May 9, 2008

Current Hit Points and Constitution Loss

I wrongly guessed the existing damage at the beginning of yesterday's session so this is the actual current situation.

Telfis: HPs: 54 -0!
Bodush: HPs: 35 -22
Garjarpan: HPs: 17
Eolar: HPs: 67 -31
Elogyn: HPs: 42 -6 (-3 Con)
Meldo: HPs: 31
Thesis: HPs: 83 -7
Kruddo: HPs: 64 -11 (-3 Con)
Chicken: HPs: 1
Durin: HPs: 76 -63( -3 Con?)
Masienta: HPs: 45 -14 (SEND CHARACTER SHEET!)

Lot's of spells/bolts/arrows/stones were used.
Let me know what you have left. (If any!)

You are currently in a large cell with Pandit Jung and two Greater Huloms looking at a huge, Rubenesque Flesh golem with a stunningly beautiful face.


Joebroesel said...

Eolar is 31 down, so current HP 29.
Elogyn is 6 down to 30 and -3 Con.

Eolar has 9 arrows left (+1 magic)
Elogyn has also 9 bolts left

Eolars spells left:
Protection from Energy
Shield other
(both domain spells, so can't be converted to heal)

Elogyn spells left:
Detect Magic
Sanctuary (Domain spell)

So in total that means 2 points healing left :(

Cynan said...

Telfis is actually on -3 HP
He started with -3, then took a dried frog pill +4 and took -4 damage.
He cast light and has 20 bolts (+ 7 ice bolts) left.

Hedzor said...

Time to get the flock out of there!

Hedzor said...

Actually Telfis did better than that.
I mistakenly made him injured at the beginning of the session.
He wasn't so therefore....
Telfis doesn't do damage!

Cynan said...

Ah, and the world makes sense again =)

RoboGeek said...

Can't wait to see the new banner with the "Rubinesque" flesh-golum featuring!

Hedzor said...