Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thought Jumps

Light. Everywhere. Just a post with some arrows nailed to it. *pop* A paladin appears out of nowhere. He waits, looking around. For a few seconds, nothing happens. *pop* A second paladin appears next to the first one. "Where is she??". "She still can't get the hang of it!". "Let's go find her!". *pop* *pop* Only light again.

The two paladins appear next to a random sign post in some mountains. Elogyn is standing next to it, impatiently. "What happened? Where did you go??". "We went to the signpost we said we are going!". "But I thought about the signpost and then I was here! And I know it's the wrong one!!". "You have to focus more on details. Thought-travel is easy, but you have to know *exactly* where you want to go and imagine it. You just thought about *a* signpost and this one must have matched the signpost you imagined. You even managed to leave the celestial plane!"
They look around. "We seem to be near Gollor...nice area, but a lot of mad wizards around. Got killed by one last year." "How do you know we are near Gollor? And where in the world is Gollor?? Can you sense where you are?". "No, but I can read the signs on this post! Let's go back and try again with easier targets. Think about the pub we met with your grand-grand-dad. It's unique, you can't go wrong."
*pop *pop* *pop*

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Hedzor said...

You're playing with teleportation and the space-time continuum?
I thought my Orc army was overly ambitious.