Friday, May 23, 2008

Somewhere on the Celestial Plane

"You won't believe who I just met on the mortal plane!"
"Who? Our old friend the necromancer?"
"No, no, can you remember the young cleric we showed around a short while ago?" "Elogyn?"
"Yes, exactly! I answered a summoning call and there I was as a celestial black bear fighting alongside her!"
"How's she doing?"
"She was fighting a ... a ... kind of golem ... female ... pretty ugly in what looked like an orc camp"
"Is she still with these funny people? With the female lawn ornament and the crazy sorcerer?"
"Yes, but the sorcerer is a pretty useful weapon from what I saw!"
"Did she realize it was you who answered her call?"
"Don't think so! I would have killed the abnomination but she commanded me to deal with some worgs first! After I returned, I had a short look from the celestial plane and she was unconscious. Almost sacrificed herself to help the group! She is going to become a great fighter for the cause one day! Definitely paladin material!"
"I agree, we definitely have to check on her from time to time. Ok, let's get back to out own fight! I can feel a portal coming up!"


Insanodag said...

I do hope this doesn't mean that we have to contend with the insane priorities of a paladin in the future?

Hedzor said...

How'd that effect the group dynamic?
I think Bodush would probably kill her!

Joebroesel said...

Nobody knows what the future might bring ;-) She is LG after all!
But I agree, it would definitely stir up group dynamics :D

St.Cuthberts moves in mysterious ways.....

Insanodag said...

Well...she would be more likely to try to kill Bodush than he would be to try to kill her. He might have to kill her in 'self-defence'...

Hedzor said...

A pre-emptive destabilising attack perhaps?