Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Quick Good-Bye

The pub was quite small and dirty. A lot of dwarfs were sitting at the long tables quaffing beer. Elogyn still had problems to get her vision to separate between normal and celestial plane when she was in the space where both are overlapping. One moment she saw the limited space with only a few dwarfs, the next she saw the somewhat unlimited space of the celestial plane within the same room. It was really confusing. The only difference was the faint glow everything celestial seemed to have. She also had to be careful to order from the dwarf that could see her, not the one that the pub belonged to in the normal plane of existence.

She tried to remember everything she did the last days. Training thought-jumps, meeting a huge part of her ancestry, learning about the different celestial levels and learning not to get crazy when traveling the normal plane as invisible, celestial creature. She even once accidentally answered a summoning call from the normal plane and had to fight as a celestial giant bee for a few seconds. She didn't even know how much time passed, as it didn't seem to matter here.

Ozul and Toaden had tried to teach her as much as possible until they left again. They said they have to go back, briefly said good-bye and vanished. Suddenly she felt alone and although everybody was nice around here, she thought about Eolar and her new companions. She wondered why she wasn't raised all that time. They clearly must have had the time to get her body to a temple or something similar. She remembered what Ozul had taught her. She could jump to every point she could think of, as long as it was a clearly defined point in space - and theoretically - time. For her, "space" seemed to be limited to the points she'd already seen as she was only strong enough to do direct jumps. She knew that higher level celestial creatures were able to travel through space and time in their thoughts as they wanted.

She started to think about Eolar and jumped. She materialized in the middle of a battle! She tried to dodge arrows, bolts and blows till she remembered that this all happened in another plane and couldn't affect her. Looking around she saw Thesis and the dwarf fighting trolls in a small corridor. She moved a bit out of the battle zone as she still felt the urge to dodge everything. She saw Bodush standing there and Eolar kneeling next to him over.....HER body! She was confused. As it seemed, only minutes had passed since she died. She moved along the corridor and found the cave she died in. Within a blink of an eye she was next to Eolar again. He was reading a scroll and with all the knowledge she had on this plane she could easily read it and identify it as a raise dead spell. He wanted to get her back!
What did she have to do? Just wait? Trying to teleport into her body? She tried, but it only led to her lying within her body on the ground. And it didn't feel good, as if the body tried to repel her. She looked around. Perhaps she had nothing to do than wait till the spell was over.

She thought about the time she experienced. Time seemed to run in a normal speed here, but she clearly had been doing stuff for several days within the last few minutes. Suddenly she had an idea. If she still had time left, she could gather some intelligence for the group about their enemies. She left her friends and explored the underground city. The ability to move through walls made things a lot easier. Within a short time, she knew all the traps, positions of derros and all the other creatures. She found the best way to the leader and knew all the heavily guarded areas and how to avoid them. She somehow also knew all the secrets and plans the derros had. *pop* Toalden was standing next to her. "What are you doing here, girl?". "Trying to get as much information as possible before being raised!". "I thought we taught you that it doesn't work that way! At least not for you, unexperienced as you are!". "Why not? I know everything now and just have to wait till Eolar raises me!"

"Silly girl, time and space are not what they are on the normal plane. The more you do here, the longer it seems. You can fit an infinity between now and the time they raise you!". "But how can I get back then??". "Go back to your body". *pop* *pop* She looked at the scroll. Almost no time had passed since she left to gather information. She gave Toalden a confused look. "Try to follow the flow of time now. This makes it easier to find the point in time where you can leave this plane. The spell only opens the door, but you have to step through yourself. I can only show you the door. You have to be willing to return." "But I am!". "Good, so let's wait." A few moments passed before Eolar finished the spell. Suddenly she felt a tickle. She looked to Toalden. "Can you feel something?" he asked. "Yes, it feels strange. Like something is pulling at me!" "That is the force of the spell, it opened the door and pulls you towards it. You have to step through, or it will close again soon!". "Thank you for everything!" "No problem. See you soon on this plane or another" and while she vanished: "Unfortunately your mortal body won't remember anything you learned or experienced here!". She was gone. He saw her opening her eyes on the other plane. "Only your celestial soul remembers...and you are not experienced enough to access this wisdom from there. See you soon, Elogyn from Seawell!". *pop*


Hedzor said...

Thanks for covering that memory thing.
It would have caused me no end of problems!

Joebroesel said...

I actually thought to leave her a few memories....just to see how you handle that :D
But then I thought about the options you have. Didn't want to start the game with this sentence from you: "So you are in the room and the ceiling looks weak. Just as you want to do something, a huge stone falls down and kills Elogyn....." ;-)

And don't tell me you would have pulled this card :D