Friday, May 23, 2008

Geno-cider with Grimesy

Shen-shen goes from fallen Orc to fallen Orc, driving the point of one of her swords into each one. All the while whispering curses under her breath.
There are bodies everywhere and the river is red with blood, but the sounds of battle have ended now. The screams of the women and children recede as they run blindly from their homes with what little they can carry.
The world is a hard place for Orc women anyway, and now... homeless with dependent children... in a hostile environment! What chance do these women have?
Eolar looks around him. It’s hard to believe that just hours before, they were sharing alcohol and jokes with these tattered corpses.
Kruddo checks the massive, fleshy body of the Golem. Telfis’ crossbow bolt has pushed out its eye and the face itself is coming away at the seams. It’s beyond help or repair.
Bodush kicks at the Giant inside it’s smouldering home. It groans its last and dies from its wounds. Grimes final words are for his beautiful golem, ‘So little time…’
Wer watches the slightly built Shen-shen turn her attention to the Dead or Dying Worgs and Ogres.
No one pursues the fleeing women and children and instead the victorious group set to pillaging the ruined Orc village. It’s peculiar, thinking of it as that.
Orcs are a nomadic people. They never settle anywhere for long and that’s why treaties and boundaries mean so little to them.
Would this permanent settlement have lasted?
Could Grimes have maintained his control?
Could Orcs really change so profoundly?

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