Monday, June 9, 2008

Team Eolar

Eolar and Elogyn hurry to the Church of St Cuthbert as soon as they’ve settled and stabled Meldo.
They are greeted in the typical formal manner and are escorted to the chambers of High Priest of the Temple. Here they wait for over an hour before Elolar alone is summoned inside, leaving an anxious looking Elogyn to worry by herself.
The High Priest sits behind a huge desk and has two scribes sitting at low-level benches to his right.
“Greeting Eolar. We were all concerned at you and your charges delay. Did you encounter any difficulties on your return from the Darkening wood?”
Eolar explains loosely the journey back.
The High priest looks curiously at Eolar for a moment before continuing.
“How did Eolgyn perform? Was she an asset to you?”
This time Eolgyn speaks freely about his cohort’s strengths and weakness. He even tells of her death and subsequent rebirth.
The High priest is seemingly pleased at this piece of mixed news and smiles.
“It seems I was right with entrusting you with this disciple. I wonder if you would take on some more? I have six young initiates who need mentoring. Will you take them?”
While Eolar is considering the consequences, the High priest asks another question.
“Oh yes, the scribes want to know if you killed any more of the undead wretches on your journey home? We’re still paying a reward for those destroyed.”


Joebroesel said...

Eolar thinks for a while about the undead, but then has to admit that he can't remember any more than they were already paid.
"And 6 initiates? Wouldn't it be better for them to first learn the scriptures before going out into the wild? As the death of Elogyn showed, it's a dangerous world out there." Eolar looks at the old priests face "But of course, if it is your wish I will comply to your decision!".
Eolar is building up the picture in his mind of him in a dark wood with 6 frightened kids around him. He shudders! "Who are they and how well are they trained?"

Insanodag said...

6 young initiates! I can only imagine the horror of their corruption and subsequent fall from grace....