Friday, June 6, 2008

Really hard won experience

How hard did you make that? I think Bodush was laughing at the 'Human punchbag' Thesis.
(Unsurprisingly, no-one went up a level.)

Chen Yong: 6,886 xp (4th Level: Monk:4)

Kruddo: 16,668 xp (6th Level: Fighter:6)

Wer: 28,579xp (8th Level: Druid:8)

Eolar: 33,915 xp (8th Level: Cleric:5/Ranger:3)

Elogyn: 13,277 xp (5th Level: Cleric:5)

Telfis: 33,335xp (8th Level Rogue:6/Bard:2)

Bodush: 31,526 xp (8th Level: Sorcerer:8)

Durin: 26,105 xp (7th Level!: Barbarian:7)

Thesis: 29,593 xp (8th Level!: Fighter:6/Cleric:1/Barbarian:1)

Mendez: 37,199 xp (9th Level: Ranger:3/Barbarian:2/Fighter:4)

300xp? You're having a laugh. 886xp and you were lucky to get that!

And you didn't even make it home!!!

I'll write you all back to Seawell unmolested. Paul or Moritz to DM next Thursday.

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Cynan said...

as mentioned, I am not actually here next week. Moritz: whatever you do, don't do an encounter, I can't lose more XP to Eolar! =)