Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inspecting the Troops

Later that day, Eolar knocks at the door of the high priest and asks for an audience. "Hello brother Eolar! Did you decide about the initiates? Are you going to take them under your wings?"
"I decided to comply to your wishes and mentor these young priests. Where can I find them and when are they ready?"
"I will send one of my subordinates to tell them immediately. You can meet them outside in a short while."
"I assume they are well trained and prepared?"
"They are the toughest from their class and they have an iron will. I'm certain they won't let you down"
"I'm sure you've chosen well! Thank you!"
"One more thing, before you leave again, please report to my office again for last instructions and messages for other outposts."
"Of course!"
Eolar leaves the room and can see Elogyn speaking to some other clerics on the church yard. He walks over to her, apologises to the others for the interruption and takes are aside.
"The high priest decided that I should mentor 6 more initiates. I will need your help! They'll be here shortly to report to us. Let's see if they are as good as the high priest said!"
"That is great news! I'm sure your experience and wisdom will be of great value for them! I'm honoured that you consider me experienced enough to help you!"
"Although modesty is a valuable trait, I think it's misplaced here. You know more about ecclesiastical duties and ceremonies than I do!"
A few young clerics, four boys and two girls, hustle over the churchyard towards them, accompanied by a clerk of the high priest. "Brother Eolar, these are your new students!"
Eolar looks at them while they try to form a line in front of him. They are all very young. "What are your names?" "The tallest of the guys answers "My name is Olric, master, and these are Ceolwulf, Sigbert, Coenred, Ealhwyn and Leofwen!"
"My name is Eolar and this is Elogyn, my protege. We are both going to teach you from now on. We will be traveling and it won't be an easy journey. You will learn that life outside these walls is not as exiting as it may seem!"
He takes a closer look. Olric and Ceowulf are city kids, about 17 years old. They look similar to Telfis. Sigbert is more stoutly build than the other two and a bit older. He also seems to be more confident and experienced. The darker skin and the few scars on the face of Coenred show he grew up presumably outside the city. He also seems to be more aware what awaits him than the first two. Eolar guesses he is the same age as Sigbert. The girls seem to be older than the guys and don't seem to be from Seawell. One of them looks like she is from a rich family. Long, blond and well-combed hair. She perhaps was sent by her family to the church to be educated. The other one with dark brown hair has the looks of somebody who had to work her way up on the ladder of society.
"Well then! Welcome! Your training will start tomorrwo. Get your equipment together and use the time till we leave to say good-bye to family if they are around. You might not see them for a while. Elogyn and I will be around the church most of the time. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them."
They all just look at Eolar. After afew seconds, he turns to Elogyn: "Ok, we have to go to the market to see the blacksmith!"
He turns back to the group "Off you go!. We will send for you tomorrow!"
The all bow more than necessary and walk back to their quarters.
Eolar looks at Elogyn who is smiling: "What do you think?"
"A group with a lot of potential."


Hedzor said...

One of the old scribes Eolar had seen earlier, shuffles up.
"Have you remembered how many of the 'Darkening Wood' undead you destroyed? It's just for my records. You can collect your compensation tomorrow morning."
The old scribe smiles encouragingly.

Joebroesel said...

"While meditating, I remembered six zombies and two ghouls. Please distribute the reward to the next people in need that knock at our door. Too many families have lost their bread-earner lately, make sure they get what they need!"
"As you wish! I am sure they are grateful and your generousity will be remembered!"

Hedzor said...

Not in this for the money then?

Insanodag said...

If we believe in Karma, we have a lot of wealth-distribution ahead...

Charlie Stilton said...

With Dag's karmic mentality, and all the goods on the cart, you could probably wipe out third world debt... Or, buy bigger weapons, I guess!

Joebroesel said...

Eolar feels a bit better, but knows that he has to change to appease St.Cuthberts again after all his lawless behaviour.

And Kirk, great banner but in the future you need much bigger ones or give team Eolar an own one :D

RoboGeek said...


Kind of wierd this - Sven is continually talking to himself. Now he is going to have a 7 way conversation and each of his turns will take an hour.
I think we all need to participate over webcam - then we can go off an have tea while Sven rolls initiative.

Hedzor said...

In fairness, Sven agonised over this.
His followers are to be like medics who'll rush around after the battle healing whoever needs it.
They'll be a great asset in a non interventive way.
We will have to look out for them though.