Friday, January 22, 2010

Yet Another Year Wiser

It’s been a year in real time since I last made everyone age a year and as time passes in an odd (unfathomable) way in game time, we may as well keep this consistent.
Everyone add one year to his or her character.
Any bonuses and penalties should be applied now.
This does not include Ragnar, Mara’ch and Hawkmoon, but would include Elogyn, Chen or Wer if they were ever to come back.

Also, as I’ve been banging on about it for so long, everyone should know exactly how much money he or she have. (If you're not sure, then all you have is your haul from your last adventure.)
Everyone debit one of the following amounts for a years worth of living expenses:
Free board and food (e.g. Eolar): 0gp
Frugal living (e.g. Chen): 50gp
Standard adventurer's living (e.g. Thesis): 500gp
Extravagant living (e.g. Mendez): 1000gp


Charlie Stilton said...

50gp per year?
That seems like an extravangance! :-p

RoboGeek said...

Thesis probably managed to live on less than 100gp a year but undoubtedly spent 400gp on "luxuries" of the kind we won't go into on this polite blog.

20 years old now - you'd think he'd know better!

Hedzor said...

100gp wouldn't buy Mendez breakfast!