Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Party’s (Welcome/Going-away) Party (Part 2)

Breaking away from his Uncle, Mendez finds two of his brothers.
“Zumurrud, Tao! I need to speak with you.”
Zumurrud is Mendez’ oldest brother and already in his late thirties, while Tao too is in his early thirties.
Greeting him with warm smiles, both Tao and Zumurrud embrace him.
“What’s the matter littlest Brother?”
“Nothing’s wrong, but I wanted to give you these before I got too drunk.”
With that Mendez hands over two spectacular long bows.
Both the Brothers seem touched but confused by Mendez’ generosity.
“You have already given us each fortunes from the cave of wonders. Why reward us further?”
Mendez pauses for a moment and then tries to explain.
“I ran from my responsibilities but you all stayed and protected each other and our parents. These bows are just my contribution to that protection. Use them well.”

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RoboGeek said...

I'm hoping that this is more than just a way of Mendez lightening his load. With any luck we will be able to count on Mendez's uncles' support against his mad father.

Or, he will mind control the lot of them and we are f*cked.