Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hamster Down

Sukki wakes with a start.
She’s still clinging to the air-sack and still in open water.
Groggily she tries to get her brain working. How long has she been sleeping? Why haven't Mendez' friends come to find her? What was it that roused her?
Suddenly she feels it again. Something is brushing against her leg!
Unable to see into the inky darkness below her, she tries to pull her leg upwards but whatever it is grabs tight and pulls back.
Before she can even scream, she’s dragged down under the surface. Her harness effortlessly snapped from the buoyant air-sack.


RoboGeek said...


Well, you have managed it. I feel absolutely wretched about letting those cute little hamster men/women die.

Did you have to give her a name?

Insanodag said...

oh well...

The following webcomic might shed some light on our feelings:

Hedzor said...

Names allow for emotional connection.

Charlie Stilton said...

Ah. Poor Sukki. Eaten by a SEA MONSTER!

Insanodag said...

Yes, this is yet another reason we should have rescued more hamsters so we could fly over the ocean rather than on it.

TieDye said...

=) Well, you've gone and killed two birds with one stone - we've learned about another threat from this god-forsaken island (how the hell have the natives lasted this long, anyway?), and we've started to feel bad for leaving all those hamsters to die. To be honest, I originally saw them as "bonus points", like "find all of them for extra XP", instead of "plot coupons".

Hedzor said...

Everything/one has a purpose.
I can't help it if the Party decide to ignore that purpose and instead drink, eat and live in safety and luxury within the 'walls' of Bodush's magical mansion.
And as Scott also noticed:
There be Sea monsters!

RoboGeek said...

Nice link by the way Dag ;)

I should have said in my comment above:

"Did you have to give her a name after she was dead?"

Had you told us her name before, she might still be alive! (Thesis would probably have been shagging her anyway.)