Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Treasure Update

Since Eolar had time now and a shop to sell stuff that was on his and Elogyn's horse here a quick update and the spoils of the battle at Bodush mansion:

From the ambush on the way to the mines and the fight with Jack McCall at the entrance to the mine (Eolar took the things that were worth selling onto the horses):

From the ambush of the orc guards:

Eolar, Chen, Durin and Bodush get: 1072.5gp and 100gp in gems
Also 4x CMW potions (150gp ea) (Not sure if somebody took them already)

From the fight against Jack McCall at the entrance of the mine
1x Ring of protection +2 (4000gp)
1x Dagger + 3 (Mendez, 9151gp)
1x Potion of Barkskin (150gp)
Also not sure about the potion and the ring. I'm sure somebody said they took them!
Please say it again :)

Eolar, Chen, Durin, Wer, Bodush get 2216.83gp
Mendez owes 6934.17

From the battle at Bodush Mansion:
Eolar, Hawkmoon, Durin, Wer, Bodush and Thes-Hiss get:
150gp in gems
For a list of available items/prices please refer to the treasure post from Kirk

So far the following people have pointed on items:

Hawkmoon wants the ring of counterspells (2000gp) and a battleaxe that isn't there?
Thes-Hiss wants CSW potions (we have 7 available, 375 ea)
Eolar wants the greataxe (which I guess also Hawkmoon wants)

So if you don't post soon that you also want something, the stuff is considered sold!

I just found the post from the first ambush again and the list up there in this post was wrong. The post is labelled "Mines of Terroth Part1" and was below the post for Pearlglen. So I missed it. Assif, I take this list then as compared to the list you guessed in the email. So here the updated treasure for that encounter (Eolar had taken the splintmails and the bastard swords on the horses):

Eolar, Chen and Bodush get: 8460gp + 100gp gems
Durin claimed the battleaxe +4 from that encounter (=16155) and owes: 7595gp

From that encounter we had:
1 Potion of CMW (150), one of darkvision (150) and 1 potion of non-detection (375) as well as 3 greataxes + 2 (4160). Did anybody take one of them? Then take off the money :)

If you've already updated your treasure chests, please amend the amounts accordingly.


Charlie Stilton said...

Hawkmoon still wants the Ring of Counterspells, but isn't so bothered about the Dwarf Bane Greataxe if Eolar wants it.

Hedzor said...

So Mendez is actually financially down on this part of the adventure?
OK, assuming Durin starts paying Mendez back with his share, Mendez gets the dagger and actually 'earns': 71gp
100gp worth of gems
I'm rich! Rich beyond my wildest dreams!
(Durin pays Mendez back 7107gp kindly rounded up to make it easier on Durin.)
Durin now only owes Mendez 11,892gp!

Insanodag said...

Bodush also wants the ring of counterspells.

Joebroesel said...

Ok, so Eolar takes the greataxe and if nobody claims it also takes the Potion of Barkskin.
He also paid for the longsword +3 (see Ragnar story) which we had from Tagati.

Hedzor said...

Durin's debt update:
Although Durin gets nothing from this, his debt is now only:

Joebroesel said...

Ok, Eolar takes one of the normal +2 greataxes from the ambush and leaves the dwarfen bane axe to Hawkmoon.

Charlie Stilton said...

How much is the Dwarf Bane Axe?
Hawkmoon has relatively limited funds...

RoboGeek said...

Thesis takes 2 of the CSW potions and reduces his share of the money from the last battle at Bodush's accordingly. (If there are any more potions left, he will take those also)

Joebroesel said...

Hawkmoon would have to pay 9155gp for the greataxe (= +3 weapon)

Hedzor said...

And who's going to bid higher for the 'Ring of Counterspells'?
Bodush or Hawkmoon?

Charlie Stilton said...

"As my thanks to Bodush for providing us with hospitality and entertainment at his dwelling, I shall allow him to have the ring."

RoboGeek said...

As nobody wanted the other CSW potions, Thesis takes the remaining 5 and pays for them from his treasure ;)