Monday, November 2, 2009

Treasure - Mines of Terroth, part 1

Magic: (I assume you spend the pearls to identify these)

Battle Axe +4 (Sale value: 16,155gp)
Studded Leather +2 (Sale value: 2,088gp)
3 x Greataxe +2 (Sale value: 4,160gp each)
1 x Potion of Cure moderate wounds (Sale value: 150gp)
1 x potion of darkvision (Sale value: 150gp)
1 x potion of non-detection (Sale value: 375gp)

Other: (if you could carry it)

(I say you leave these behind. We're adventurers, not scrap merchants.)

4 x Masterwork Bastard Swords
4 x Heavy crossbows
7 x Masterwork Splint Mail


Gold Nuggets - 10 lbs (500gp)
47 gp
4 x 100gp gems


TieDye said...

Durin thinks the Battleaxe +4 would be a great replacement to his current Waraxe +1, even if it will cost him quite a lot. He'll have to look into how much money he's got, seeing as how the +4 axe would cost 32,310gp, and the +1 waraxe is only worth 2,830gp...

Hedzor said...

I've edited the post to show the resale value of the magic gained.
It is cheaper to find magic than to buy it, but you don't gain as much profit from its sale.
Only coins, jewellery and gems hold their value.
(Plus a few trade goods such as salt or wheat etc.)

That Battle axe +4 is definitely worth having!
It's probably worth Durin only using his War axe +3 (Keen) only when raging now.
At all other times use his magic Battle axe +4 and his Heavy shield +4.
(He'll last longer!)