Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A return ticket to heaven, please!

Elogyn looked down at her body. Without realising what happened she tried to hit the Orlem next to her. The mace went straight through and left a glimmering shine where it touched the animated flesh. She looked up. Stunned.
She looked around and only when she saw the look on Eolars face did she realise what had happened. She feel back and tumbled backwards. The fence surrounding the garden caught her fall. She stared at the battle going on. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

She looked to her right where another person was standing, watching the scene.
"Isn't is funny how we sometimes die for nothing?"
She looked puzzled.
"You could have died fighting the big evil that entered the world but you died fighting a battle you don't even know the reason for. When do you want to stop this and realise your full potential?"
She started to remember. Everything seemed blurred but a name came to her mind
"Ozul? I remember you!"
"'course you do. Not the first time you are here and believe me it won't be the last. The question is: Do you want to keep coming here while fighting small, insignificant battles or are you finally realising what a paladin exists for?"
"But I follow Eolar. He needs me. And I still have to learn from him!"
"What? How to ignore evil and think it has a place in this world? That forcing order onto this world is the only path to solve all the problems? Elogyn, deep in your heart you know you can't stand back and watch evil take over. The only way to win is to destroy evil. It has no place in a wealthy society. There will be no order in this world as long as evil exists!"
She looked around. The world had vanished. There was only light.

"But what am I supposed to do? I already tried to change Eolar and make him see that there is more than just order and a strict hierarchy."
"Leave him. You've learned and have gained valuable experience following this group. To go further on your path you have to find new teachers."

The world was back around them and she could see Eolar standing over her body that was lying on a table in Bodush's mansion. He was sprinkling diamond dust over it and she could hear the word of the raise spell. She could feel the pull towards her body. Ozul looked at her from the other side of the table standing between the stranger Hawkmoon and Thesis, who appeared not to see him.
"Head north from here. Hasufel will guide you, she knows the way. Or you can decide to stay with Eolar and watch the world fall into evil hands while you are fighting the small battles and try to keep order up in a world getting smaller and smaller around you. It is your choice!"

She opened her eyes and the pain took over. Eolar was holding her down and told her not too move before he had healed her wounds. She looked to the right at the face of Thesis and Hawkmoon. Ozul was gone. The only thing left was the voice in her head.

"It is your choice!"


Hedzor said...

This post is very self aware.
I'm impressed!

RoboGeek said...

Sad that Elogyn won't be with the group anymore. But I think Ragnar is a great replacement and should free Eolar up to call in divine favour for the group.

Fancy bringing in another of your accolytes as a pure healer?

Joebroesel said...

Nope :) They have to take care of my monastery which will be refurbished soon and extended.

Kirk, isn't that what roleplaying is about? ;-)

Hedzor said...

Don't tell anyone but I'm a terrible role-player!