Monday, November 30, 2009

A Debt Settled

Despite Mendez and Thesis’ lack of faith, they are well regarded by the St Cuthbert Paladins and are quickly ushered in to see Lejon.
“How can I be of service?” inquires the extremely tall and equally good-looking Paladin.
Mendez answers quickly, “My Dwarven friend here needs bringing back from the dead.”
“Surely the Elf Eolar can do that for you?”
“True, but I’d rather he was raised without any lose to his memory or essence.”
“Ah, I see. You want me to organise a ‘True resurrection’. But why should I do that?”
Mendez grimaces. He knew Lejon would be difficult but he ploughs on anyway.
“Because I will pay your church 27,000gp and because you personally owe us a debt for saving High Patriarch Rothgart.”
Lejon squirms in his seat.
“True enough. If I organise this for you though, I expect you never to mention this debt again. We shall be square.”
Mensez nods. Although often unsung, the Dwarf had steadfastly protected every one of them. Durin was owed a debt by his friends and this was a suitable act of gratitude.
It takes three days to organise and carry out the spell.
Neither Mendez or Thesis are allowed to be present during the ceremony, but trust is not an issue here.
On the fourth day, a grinning and surprisingly clean Durin is returned to them.


Hedzor said...

Mendez lends Durin 19,000gp.
It hurts but it's worth it to have his Dwarven friend back.

RoboGeek said...

As I mentioned, I'll happily split the cost with you ;)