Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A surprise guest

Bodush was reading in the new purchase for his library when he heard the knock at the door. He was waiting a few seconds and smiled when he could hear the shuffling feet of one of his servants hurrying to answer the door. It was already dark outside and Mendez had left to meet the others at a pub in town. Bodush got up and went to the window. He could see 3 shapes in black robes talking to his servant. They didn't look like beggars and their appearance got Bodush interested.
The servant knocked at the door and announced that 3 strangers are asking for "Master Bodush".
"Ask them in, I will welcome them in the study".
'Master Bodush'....this could get interesting.
The servant entered the study followed by one of the hooded figures, the robe still hiding all features of the body underneath. Bodush nodded to the servant who closed the door behind him.

Even before Bodush could greet the guest, he started to talk in perfect common.
"Master Bodush, thank you for welcoming me in and granting me this audience".
Bodush, surprised by the perfectly accentless common and the eloquence, was intrigued.
"Welcome to my house. How may I be of service? Excuse me, but my servant didn't tell me your name?"
"Your servant doesn't need to know my name. My name is Daleg and me and my brothers would need your help. We got your name from a contact in town and were told that you are the leader of a group of experienced fighters who could escort us on our way to the mountains near Gom Dalat. We would of course compensate you well for your efforts."
Bodush enjoyed the sounds of 'leader of a group' for a while in his head before catching up with reality. "What is your business in the mountains of Gom Dalat? To my knowledge there is not much to do there for respected men!"
"Our business there is not your concern. We just need you to make sure we get there unharmed. We are people who treasure privacy and are willing to pay well to keep it that way."
"Escort without questions? Depending on the destination within these mountains we are talking about a 7 to 10 day journey. How much were you thinking to offer?"
"We were told 2 platinum pieces per day and gems worth 800gp on successful arrival should cover your expenses and those of your men"
"So possibly 1000 gold pieces for me and my men? I'm not sure who gave you these numbers but we are highly experienced men and this doesn't sound like a standard escort job. Maybe you should ask the paladins in town?"
"We consider 1000gp per head a reasonable offer. We don't expect any complications and just want to hire an escort as a precaution. Coming from the far east we don't know these lands. Better be safe than sorry. "
"I have to talk to my men about the offer. But you have my attention. Where can we reach you?"
"We are staying at the Seaside Inn near the harbour and want to leave the day after tomorrow. We are expecting your answer by tomorrow noon. You were recommended to us by reliable sources, I hope they were correct. See you tomorrow. Good night!"
The guest turned and went through the door towards the exit. Bodush looked after him torn between surprise and curiosity. 1000gp per head for a simple escort? They could get anybody in the town for that price. He was intrigued.
A few minutes later he took his cloak from his servant and left through the front door. He had to find Mendez.


Hedzor said...

They sound evil to me!

... Still 1,000gp just to baby sit them.
... I'm in.

Charlie Stilton said...

Let's not give Bodush any more ideas above his station - he's already a wealthy land baron!

Well, at least they didn't approach Wer wielding that kind of langauge. We'd never hear the end of it!

Insanodag said...

I say we do it. My subscription to Modern Dungeon doesn't pay for itself, and I am in need for some cash for some subterranean additions to Chez Bodush.

Charlie Stilton said...

Wine cellars or torture chambers?