Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Searching for Answers and Magic

Chen thanks Bodush who agreed to guard the door and follows Thesis and Mendez on their way out. The morning sun greets the three adventurers in the streets of Gom Dalat which already are buzzing with activity. Travelling merchants push their carts through the crowds while cursing at the creatures who don't make way fast enough. Chen looks around and is surprised how many different races share the streets.

They walk down the main road towards what they think might be the city centre. They reach a bigger square which is completely filled with market stalls filled with everything from groceries over tools and weapons to exotic things which purpose can only be guessed. Above all, a magnificient palace fills the view. The 3 spend most part of an hour rummaging through the weapons and armour but, except for some frauds trying to sell them non-magic equipment as magic, none of the merchants advertises magic items. And the that tried to sell Thesis a phoney magic breastplate that broke as soon as Chen gave it a test with his fist will remember not to upset a lizard in the future. Almost at the point to give up Mendez finds a merchant who tells them to find Quart, the owner of a small shop. Following the description, they enter a maze of small streets and alleys along the palace walls.

Away from the crowds and only pestered by street urchins trying to sell them junk, Chen thinks from time to time he would see a man following them but whenever he concentrates or deliberately falls back to get a better look, their shadow disappears and only shows up a few streets later again. He just wants to tell the others when Thesis spots a small shop labelled "Quart's Wonderland". They enter to find a room with some empty shelves and an elderly looking man in a rocking chair in one of the corners. Mendez approaches the man "Are you Quart? A merchant sent us to you and told us you might have some magic items on sale". The man looks up and looks at the adventurers. "Many do but only few can afford rare magic items" Mendez, who immediately got where this is going takes his pouch out and shows a handful of gems to the old man. "I'm sure i could afford a few items if only you would be selling some!" The old man smiles and gets up. Walking towards one of the shelves he snaps his finger and suddenly the shelves are full of items "Now what exactly are you looking for?"

They look through the items and they find the following items and get the follwoing descriptions and prices told by Quart:

- buckler +1 (1250 gp)
- large steel shield +1 (1285 gp)
A very nice buckler and shield, I think they are plus one but the seller told me the price is a bargain

- potion (275 gp)
Got told you might get bigger if you drink it

- potion of lesser restoration (300 gp)
Brewed that one myself

- potion of protection from arrows 10/magic (300 gp)
Had two of them and tested the other one myself

- ring (1760 gp)
I think you fall slower if you wear it

- ring (3000 gp)
Have no idea what this one does exactly but the guy I bought it from said he can't use it anymore because of his bad knees

- bracers of armor (+2) (4000 gp)
I paid more for them but they creep me out whenever I wear them. It's almost as if they tell me stuff they see....

- Goggles (1,200 gp)
Wearing these makes me see better

- Feather token (150 gp)
These feathers all do something but since they can only be used once, I don't know what this one does exactly. Couldn't test it.

- worn large steel shield (585 gp)
Not sure why I bought this one, but it's magic

- black studded leather armor +1 (4,925 gp)
Got this from a trusted friend. He said it's great to keep out of sight so I think it has a shadow enhancement on it

- potion of magic fang (50 gp)
Tested it on my cat last week. don't try that at home!

- ring (4250 gp)
It's funny, as soon as you say "Shield" it looks as if you are wearing a shield

- Wand (216 gp)
No idea, but when I tried it once I had to get new windows for my house

- 33 arrow (2805 gp)
These arrows seem to hit better than others

- heavy mace +1 (ghost touch) (9143 gp)
Bought if from a guy hunting ethereal creatures and he assured me it has ghost touch. And as you can see it can be used as a light source

- longsword (2777 gp)
A nicely crafted longsword with magic damage

- whip (2761 gp)
Tried to use it to keep the cat off me and killed the poor creature. Not your average whip I would say

- buckler +2 (4997 gp)
A very nice one and I really don't know why the guy sold it to me that cheap! But hey, sometimes you are lucky!

- large wooden shield (5478 gp)
An interesting item. For a wooden shield you can defend attacks really easily. Don't know its enhancements, but they must be good

- potion of endurance (330 gp)
You should use that one when you are feeling cold

- potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Got that one from the church over the road

- greatsword (16175 gp)
Has a quite hot blade. The box that I hit with it burned down. Powerful I would say!

- potion of barkskin +2 (300 gp)
Gives you impenetrable skin

- rod of flame extinguishing (16,500 gp) has 10 charges
Used this one to save my house after I tried the greatsword on other items. Seems to recharge overnight

- Wand of Darkness (l2, cl3) (4,752 gp)
Almost as new!

- kama +3 (18,302 gp)
The perfect weapon for you Mr. monk

- Pink stone (4000 gp)
Found that one in the forest. Pinks stones are always magic

- ring (16000 gp)
Did a great job keeping the cat off me before I used the whip. Didn't get scratched once!

- staff of passage (92752 gp)
Very useful if you have to get out of somewhere! The wizard I bought it from assured me it has plenty of charges left

- large steel shield +4 (64936 gp)
A very nice shield indeed. It also seems to grant resistance to certain spells

- ring (32400 gp)
Enables you to walk through walls! Tried it and almost got stuck in one!

The adventurers look at the old man and are sure he doesn't lie to them. If he has more information about some items he hides it well. Some items seem to be bargains, others seem to be overpriced.
"What's it gonna be my friends? Anything that catches your eye? And I can immediately tell you, I'm not the bargaining kind! I would also buy items if you have something you don't like anymore!"


RoboGeek said...

Thesis tries hard to hide his excitement - it is clear that this is no ordinary collection.

"I am interested in the rings especially" begins Thesis, "and one or two of your other items. Let's see if we can't come to some arrangement."

Thesis is particularly interested in the "Ring of walking through walls", the "Shield Ring" and the pink stone.
He knows he can afford that lot right away and it would greatly enhance his protection in the battles to come.

However, he also looks interested in the greatsword. Trying it, he tries to gauge its ability compared to his own vicious one. If it matches well (i.e. if it is +2 or better), he offers his own in exchange - with a potion of water-walk thrown in to sweeten the deal.

What say you Quart?

Hedzor said...

'Lenses of Good looking?'
Mendez puts them on and gazes at himself in the mirror.
'I'll take those and one of the Bucklers.'

Joebroesel said...

Quart looks at Thesis. "You have enough money for both of the rings and the stone?"
Thesis weighs the greatsword in his hand. It handles as well as his own but it is difficult to say how it compares to the damage his own does. "Say 'urwa'" the old man commands and Thesis does as he is told. The blade suddenly is surrounded by flames which disappear when he repeats the word. (No information on the enhancement bonus but you guess it has some fire ability ;-) )

The old man turns towards Mendez "I said 'see' better not 'look' better. You look stupid wearing them! Now, which buckler do you want?"

RoboGeek said...

Thesis assures Quart that he can indeed afford both the two rings and the stone and would pay it all in gems and cash!

But, he is feeling unsure about the sword. He asks Quart if he would, for a small fee, give a further assessment of the enhancement of the sword? If not, an option would be to come back later with Bodush and ask him to identify it.

Hedzor said...

Mendez feels his patience thin.
"See? Look? Are you arguing semantics with me?
Worse, you think it clever to insult a customer?
I think you'll find it's you who 'looks stupid'.
Keep your shields!"
Stuffing his bulging bag of gems back into his shirt, Mendez heads for the exit.

RoboGeek said...

Thesis grabs Mendez outside and asks him to hang around and watch the shop while he completes his deal.

And, he also asks his friend if he would lend him 16000gp in gems to buy that flaming sword.

When all that is settled, Thesis goes back into the shop and spends a little time placating Quart if necessary and then proceeds with his business.

So, please if you will: 1 Shield Ring (4250), 1 Pink Stone (4000 gp - Thesis tests it by throwing it up above his head), 1 "Ethereal" ring (32,400gp - Thesis also "tests" this). For this he hands over 40650gp in gems and gold.

Then he waits on Quarts answer about identifying the sword before proceeding with the purchase of that.

Hedzor said...

Mendez smiles at his enormous friend.
"I might not be interested in giving that merchant any money, but you can have as much as you need."

(Mendez gives 16000gp in gems to Thesis.)

Joebroesel said...

Quart looks at Mendez "A hero that can be insulted by the joke of an old man? What type of adventurers are you?? Ok, the goggles make you look intelligent. I'm sure you can impress woman with it!" He points to the +2 bucker. "This is a bargain my friend, look at this masterpiece!"

He looks at Thesis who is still thinking about the sword. "It is indeed a nice sword. If you decide to take it, I'll give you 10000 for your old one. But I would decide quickly if I were you, a sword like this sells in no time!"

Joebroesel said...

How did you both manage to comment while I was writing mine?? :)

Quart would allow an identify if you do it now :) But the chances that the sword is still here when you come back with Bodush is low.

RoboGeek said...

Thesis makes his decision.

He takes the rings and stone as mentioned (for 40650gp) and also the sword in exchange for his vicious one and the 6175gp balance.

Then Thesis also returns 10000gp of gems back to Mendez with thanks and the promise to pay the remaining 6000gp to him as soon as possible.

RoboGeek said...

Actually, I have just realised that I can only wear 2 rings at a time so Thesis decides not to take the Shield Ring.

But, still takes the other ring and the pink stone.

Charlie Stilton said...

Looking at the Kama, Chen speaks to Quart. "Thank you for your recommendation, but I think my fists more potent. That ring however..."

Chen places the 3000gp ring on his finger, and tries jumping around (outside). He's guessing that this will allow him to leap further and higher than before? But does it have any other effects?

Hedzor said...

Turning back from the doorway, Mendez answers the old man. "Facetiousness is hardly a step up. As for the shield... Alright. I'll take it, but forget about the 'Stupid looking' goggles."

Mendez buys the overpriced magical Buckler +2 for 4997gp


Joebroesel said...

Quart won't let Chen leave the shop, so Chen puts the ring on and tries to jump a little bit. Rubbing his head after hitting the ceiling without effort he takes the ring off again. If the ring has other effects, Chen didn't notice them in this quick test.

Charlie Stilton said...

As interesting as the ring is, Chen can jump to the ceiling without, and so hand it back to Quart.

"I thank you, but for now I'll leave this with you. I would like the potion which makes me grow, however..."

Charlie Stilton said...

After his visit to the library, Chen stops back in at Quarts.

"Is the potion of lesser restoration still available at all?"

Joebroesel said...

Both potions are still available for Chen for the same price