Friday, August 7, 2009

A Fresh(ish) Start

Ever since the near destruction of our current campaign at the hands of Lord Catidsis and the Demonic Basilisk, I’ve wondered about a new character.
If anyone wanted to create a new character within the current campaign, what level would they be and what equipment would they possess?
I’d suggest a 2/3 rule in regard to level or possible a 3/4 one. I.e. We take the remaining party member’s average level and the ‘new’ character is 2/3’s or 1/4 of that level.
This means that if the average party level is 12, the ‘new’ character would be 8th or 9th level. (Having the minimum amount of experience to warrant that level.
As for equipment, I’d propose that they have the equivalent amount of gp as xp.
I WOULD allow them to buy magic items, as the likely hood of them not having magical weapons etc at this level is zero.


Charlie Stilton said...

I could be tempted by that.
Due to Chens variable usefulness and his numerous brishes with death, I've had a couple ideas brewing anyway...

I assume, though, that the 'book only' rule applies and I'm still veto'd from trying out a Duskblade?! :-p

Hedzor said...

The more I think about it, the more a 3/4 starting level seems fair.
That would mean if I started a new character... the average level of the remaining party members is just over 12 so my new character would be 9th.
I could live with that.
I've got three new characters in my head: A Cleric, a Fighter and a Sorcerer.
Unfortunately the party doesn't need any of these characters...
And I'm not sure I could ever give up Mendez.

Insanodag said...

The part could always use another sorcerer!

Joebroesel said...

I think we could have a 2/3rd for characters that start new voluntarily and a 4/3rd after the death of a character? For Mendez that would be a level difference.

Classes that are not in the core books would be acceptable I would say on a case to case basis. As long as they are not too exotic I would accept most classes and items that can be found in the mainstream books

Hedzor said...

Why punish voluntary restarts?

'Prestige' characters: Yes.
Anything found down the back of the internet: No.

Room for another Sorcerer?
Need for another Fighter?
Not really.
Acceptance of a non St Cuthbertian Cleric?
Eolar would use his 3 or so level advantage to ensure his rapid seeing off of the interloper.

Insanodag said...

Well, the Player's Handbook 2 isn't exactly "The back of the internet...".

The thing is that once we move into the prestige classes, the ones in the core are not very good.

Personally, I have no problem with the Core only issue.

Punishing voluntary restarts is to make sure that Moritz will finish his PhD and not spend all his time creating more and more exotic characters.

Joebroesel said...

I didn't say that I would have no problem with home-brewed characters but would accept the main book series as sources. We already have non-Core characters (Wer for example) :)

And I thought about the punishment more generally than Dag :). I thought about raising the bar for voluntary restarts to encourage people to stick to their character.

Charlie Stilton said...

Well, since we're sticking to PHB1I might roll up an arcane archer 1) in the case that Chen is killed, or 2) in case I fancy a change.

I find Chen very hit and miss (pun intended) and I definitely have a love/hate relationship with him depending on who the bad guy is!

RoboGeek said...

I haven't rolled anything yet, but if I did I'd be very tempted to choose a spell caster of some kind. I also think I would make any new character strictly single classed to make the most of the class benefits.
Of course a halfling-rouge would also be an interesting option ...