Monday, June 22, 2009

New banner: Whose side are we on anyway?

A new banner and a reminder of the "traitor" and his pretty henchman that we coolly defeated last time out. Particularly coolly when it comes to Eolar!

I say traitor, but who can really say who is right and who is wrong? My money is on the corruption of the Febril St. Cuthberites - especially since Lejon is a paladin. The appearance of the kobold ships only confuses matters - were they defending Lejon, or were they attacking both of us?

Anyway, since we were sensible enough to keep Lejon alive, we may find out yet.

A typically machiavellian adventure from Dag!


Insanodag said...

Like the banner.
Yes, the fact that you didn't kill Lejon is a source of great amazement...

Joebroesel said...

Great banner! Although I'm missing the icicles on Eolar's nose ;-)

Charlie Stilton said...

Nice snow flakes - to think they delivered such a punch!

I think Chen is finally starting to cotton on to the fact that he and his friends are constantly being duped.

Non-lethal damage could well become a staple aspect of his combat style - just so we can hedge our bets a little!

Hedzor said...

Too good (looking) to be bad?