Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Intentions, Bad Directions

The lowly Derro mould farmer, escorts the seven adventurers out the cell and into the dark corridor.
Thesis hesitates however and looks back at the mutilated prisoners. Grabbing Kruddo as he passes, he whispers in his ear.
Kruddo nods and they allow their friends to leave.
“Quick, those who can walk follow me.” Thesis lifts the grizzled quadruple amputee while Kruddo carries the legless man.
The Princess-without-a-face and the armless man timidly follow, but the two one-armed Orcs are instantly by Thesis’ side.
“Which way’s out?” the larger Orc growls.
Kruddo leads them through the darkness back to the stairwell down. They encounter no resistance. All the Derros seem to be distracted somewhere else.
Smiling at his good fortune, Thesis urges them all onward.
The door at the top of the stairwell is shut and bolted but not trapped. Sliding back the bolt, Kruddo leads on again.
Down, down, down they go in tight spirals.
Movement is slow as the prisoners, weak from their brutal surgery, stumble and wheeze with the exertion.
They finally get to the bottom and unbolt the door leading to the cavern where they faced the ‘Lesser Huloms’.
They continue walking until they get to the end of the cavern and come to a large and ornate stone archway. Acid pours from the top, running down into a long canal of unavoidable liquid pain.
Thesis looks down at Kruddo. Could they survive the five journeys through that it would take to get all their charges to the other side?


RoboGeek said...

Bad directions indeed!
So much for being a hero. We definitely need a better solution than "lets run through the acid"

Hedzor said...

You're safer here than where you were!
Did you think you could just fly out of there?