Wednesday, May 7, 2008

About Face

Bodush looks at the heavily bolted and reinforced door. No-one’s getting through that in a hurry.
He then examines the room. It’s a simple but effective prison cell. A prison cell that they have just… locked themselves inside.
Thinking things through, Bodush realises that by placing themselves in here, they have managed to incarcerate themselves.
The only way out is now certain to be trapped or guarded.
Cursed Derros!
At least you knew where you stood with the dull witted Orcs.
Kruddo on the other hand is more concerned with who’s inside the cell with them. Talking to the grizzled, quadruple amputee, he discovers that the girl-without-a-face is in fact, minor royalty. A Princess of a small overseas Kingdom. The three male Humans are all that are left of her personal guard.
They were escorting her to ‘Febril’, the main city of Furnace coast. Pointless now though, as her journey was to marry a non-titled but rich young man.
Despite all that has happened to him, he whispers in the Dwarf’s ear; “Save her if you can.”


Insanodag said...

Hmmm...rescuing a 'Les Yeux sans visage'-style princess...

How could we screw this up...

Joebroesel said...

I don't even want to think about the possibilities :D

Hedzor said...

Oddly this film has just been released in the UK this week on DVD.

Insanodag said...

A good movie, with some rather gruesome scenes. Of course, watching it with a student nurse who keeps yawning through the surgery bits made it slightly less horrific than it should be.

Hedzor said...

Nurses are funny like that.
I knew one who thought it most hilarious to show me her books on skin abscesses while I was eating.