Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Death and Taxes

The pudgy representitive of the Seawell chapter of the Church of St Cuthbert, gazes up at Eolar in disbelief.
“You want me to raise the Dwarf and Lizard-man Barbarians and heal the disfigured face of a priest of a rival church?”
Rifling through the treasure, he takes several choice items as payment for his services above and beyond the boon offered by the church (11,910gp worth!) and unrolls a scroll...



2 x gems (1,000gp)
6 x gems (500gp)
6 x gems (100gp)
6 x gems (50gp)
6 x gems (10gp)

Tapestry (Showing the glory of Erythnul) (600gp)
Gold Dragon statuette (1,400gp)
Silver embroided ceremonial cloth (120gp)
Golden mask of Wee Jas (1,100gp)

Pots of Stone Salve x 4 (Sale price: 2,000gp each)
Monk’s belt (Sale price: 7,500gp)
Chime of interruption (Sale price: 8,400gp)
Magic helm of? (Sale price: 2,000gp)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5) x 12 (Sale price: 25gp each)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+6) x 6 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Shield of Faith x 5 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Aid x 5 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Bulls strength x 6 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Owls wisdom x 3 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Water walk x 4 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Protection from energy(72) x 3 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Magic circle vs Law x 2 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Magic circle vs Good x 2 (Sale price: 375gp each)


Charlie Stilton said...

Depending on Chen's financial status, and no opposition in bids(!) he'd like to purchase:

Monk's Belt
Owl's Wisdom Potions
Cure Serious Wounds Potions
Chime of Interruption
Stone Salve

As ever, though, he's a team player and will likely defer bids if anyone else wants anything!

He'll also make a few purchases within town before we set off to sea...

Joebroesel said...

Ok, Eolar sat down and divided the treasure into 6 piles (I assume we can transport the items on the horses to Febril to sell them, therefore only dealing in gps for the golden stuff)

3 people get 4378.2gp
Bodush gets 2378.2 (because of helmet)
2 people get 3378.2gp + 1000 gem
I suggest Wer for weight issues and Eolar since he does the work :)

Everybody gets gems:
1x 500
1x 100
1x 50
1x 10

Everybody gets potions:
2 Cure light wounds
1 Cure serious wounds
1 Bull's strength

All the other things have to be bargained for and then the price deducted from your share of gp. E.g if you take an aid potion, you deduct 150 from your gp share. That means the money of the potions is included in the share and can be substituted by a real potion.

We have mostly 5 or 4 potions, so if somebody DOESN'T want one, just tell us and the others take one each.

Bodush already has the helmet, so the humble Chen wants all magic items :) The belt definitely makes sense if Chen can afford to pay for it.....

Hedzor said...

Does this include the treasure gained from the Harpies?

Joebroesel said...

Oehhhh, no!
This includes everything from the monastery. I'll have a look for the harpies stuff and add it :) It was so long ago, I forgot we got something!!!

Joebroesel said...


Found the harpies encounter deep down the blog entries ;-) So we all get a bit more:

Everybody gets another

2x gems (50 each)

Chen at the time took the feather and created a nice tree :) Who took the silversheen though? Did we just put that on Meldo? I can easily create that within an hour, Eolar doesn't claim it.

Joebroesel said...

Forgot of course: For taking the feather token, everybody get's 57.14 from Chens share which leaves us with:

Chen: 605.43
Everybody else (except Mendez): 1062.57

Hedzor said...

'except Mendez'?
Life's sooooo unfair!

Joebroesel said...

Eolar would like a potion of Water Walk and a potion of Owls Wisdom.

He also offers a scroll of neutralise poison and a scroll of remove disease (both lvl3, 375gp) if anybody is interested.

RoboGeek said...

Thesis would like to take a bulls strength potion and a shield of faith potion along with his share of the cash.