Monday, July 27, 2009

Why is it never Plain Sailing?

Seething from Lejon’s dismissal, Mendez skulks onto the deck.
This mission’s turned into a complete disaster. Mendez feels his loyalty to Eolar being severely tested.
Despite being a pompous buffoon, Lejon is obviously a righteous man and on the side of the Angels. This means that either Admiral Flaertes, or worse High Patriarch Rothgart, has sent them on a fool’s errand.
An honest error or deliberate deception?
The promised reward of captured ships has become farcical. They are either destroyed in battle or so damaged that they are largely worthless and no real treasure has been found.
Worse, they seem to be caught in the middle of an inter-species war!
Glancing up at the emerging Eolar, Mendez finds himself wondering, despite being on the same ship, are they all in the same boat?

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