Monday, July 20, 2009

Mendez empties his Quiver

Scanning the surface, Mendez grips his bow tightly. Why did he say he’d stay behind? Bad things always happen to the one left behind!
It’s been a few hours since he saw the dark shadow far off to the east. Perhaps he’d been mistaken? Perhaps he had been daydreaming?
He just starts to relax, when a colossal creature breaks the surface. It’s squid-like, but grown large beyond all reason.
Mendez mind goes blank as he fires arrow after arrow into it. Despite his dislike of Vidar, the sergeant leads his Marines in the defence of the ship admirably.
The battle seems to last for hours but in reality it can only be minutes before Mendez runs out of arrows.
Coming out of his trance-like state, Mendez looks around himself and draws his sword. The Kraken is peppered with scores of arrows and Ballista bolts. It’s tentacles slashed and bloody. One eye is missing but mindlessly, it continues to attack.
Scimitar in hand, Mendez leaps into the fray.

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