Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Righteous or Wrongeous?

After cooling down, Mendez returns to the brig to confront Lejon again.
“You don’t know me so I’ll excuse your insolence. Eolar has shown me the ways of St Cuthbert and although not fully persuaded, he has convinced me to put aside my anarchic ways. True I’m here, not out of loyalty to your god, but rather loyalty to my friend. There is not much profit to be made while caught up in a naval battle.
Now I ask you again, make me understand what’s occurring here. Who are these ‘Dragon-men’ and is Admiral Flaertes to be trusted? I will help you if I can.”


Insanodag said...

Lejon shrugs. "I do not need to know what these dragonmen are to know that they are enemies of St. Cuthbert. Admiral Flaertes is either in league with them, and should be punished for his crimes, or he is unaware of what his navy is doing and should be punished for his incompetence."

Hedzor said...

I see you and Sven are in accord regarding the behaviour of followers of St Cuthbert.