Friday, July 31, 2009

Experience & Treasure

Destroying one-third of the church leadership is not without its rewards:

Bodush: Level 12: 67,741 xp (Sorcerer:12): What was he up to? New Level!

Chen: Level 12: 66,334 xp (Monk:11): Kicking Evil in the shins. New Level!

Durin: Level 12: 71,244 xp (Barbarian:11): Rage for fun and Profit. New Level!

Eolar: Level 14: 92,751 xp (Cleric:9/Ranger:4): Approaching Apotheosis. New Level!

Elogyn: Level 11: 60,260 xp (Cleric:5/Paladin:5): Dealing with Issues. New Level

Mendez: Level 14:93,514 xp (Ranger:7/Fighter:4/Barbarian:3): Shootier than you. New Level!

Thesis: Level 11(13): 65,510 xp (Fighter:10/Barbarian:1/Humanoid:2):The curse of the almost there strikes again.

Wer: Level 13: 82,249xp (Druid:12): Who’s afraid of the big bad bear? New Level!

Also there is treasure:

6 +1 Heavy Maces
1 +3 Heavy Mace
1 +3 Dragonmetal Bastard Sword
1 +3 Dragonmetal short sword

A ring of protection +3
Gloves of climbing and swimming

Jewels worth 2000 gp in the box from the ship.

And the value of the captured ships:

Tequila Sunrise is worth 15000 gold pieces
The two small galleys are worth about 20000 each
The two large galleys are worth 30000 each

Also there are sundries and other stuff which if sold would be worth about 30000 as well.


Joebroesel said...

Jesus! I think I can buy an extra church for that :D

I'll calculate this afternoon but Eolar already wants to claim the +3 mace and the ring of protection :) If somebody wants them as well, perhaps I can offer wondrous items in return?

Hedzor said...

Mendez goes up to level: 14?
What do I get though for being a 7th level Ranger ?
Woodland stride.
Still, ‘sundries and other stuff which if sold would be worth about 30000gp’.
Thanks Dag.

RoboGeek said...

Bugger - so close again!

Can I go out and kill some rats?

As for the treasue - as I mentioned last time Thesis wants to bid for a non fighter-type item this time around.

So I'd like to bid for the gloves they should make me a climbing god!

And from Kirk's mini-adventure I'd like to claim the Portable Hole - pretty please!!! I'll even give up the gloves in return!!!

Charlie Stilton said...

Chen was tempted by the portable hole too!

If you can afford both, then take them both - I'll not argue. It's important that the party has the hole, not who exactly has it.

If he can't take both then I'll gladly take the hole so that the party can benefit from having that and Thesis can have the gloves also. A fair compromise?!

The only other item I'd be interested in would be the ring of protection, but I won't argue it with Eolar.

Perhaps he can help craft some form of Dex increasing item for me instead? I'll have the cash to pay, I'm sure...

Hedzor said...

Eolar should buy all those magical maces for this followers.
Let Chen take the 'Hole'.
Let Thesis have the pretty gloves. (He might have to trim his nails though.)
Mendez will request the Ring of Protection then.
This leaves the 'Conch shell of air', the Dragon metal, Bastard sword +3 and the Dragon metal, Short sword +3 still available.
Wer and Durin have asked for nothing yet.

RoboGeek said...

Just read the write-up in portable holes.

Seems that they really shouldn't be put anywhere near bags of holding ;)

It's value is 20,000gp which any of us could probably afford given the enormous booty in the shape of the ships.

The gloves are much cheaper so Thesis could probably afford both.

But, my preference is for the gloves.

Joebroesel said...

Eolar can only create an ion stone with +2 Dex (8000gp) and would be happy to do so for Chen.

You also don't have to fight for the portable hole, can create that as well ;-) Soon Eolar has one.

Since Eolar wants the mace, he won't fight for the ring.

Hedzor said...

Can I have one as well?
I'd also like a 'Cloak of Elven kind' too.
I did kill Admiral Flaertes just for you!

TieDye said...

There's nothing here for Durin except the ring of protection, so he'll put himself in for the bidding war on that, but if Eolar can also craft him some wondrous +2 Dex item in exchange for money, that'd be pretty good, too.

Hedzor said...

Would this be a good time to remind Durin that he owes me 4,000gp?

TieDye said...

=) It would, indeed. Durin repays Mendez the 4,000 gp he owes him!

Joebroesel said...

Ok, Eolar visited merchants to get the best prices and sold the loot.

List of magic items:
6x heavy mace +1 (1156gp each)
heavy mace +3 (9156gp)
Dragonmetal bastard sword +3 (12335gp)
Dragonmetal short sword +3 (12310gp)
Ring of protection +3 (9000gp)
Gloves of Climbing/Swimming (3125gp)

So after selling the ships and calculating in items, Eolar hands out the following things to Wer, Chen, Mendez, Durin and Thesis:

333.33gp worth in jewels

Hedzor said...

'32977.33gp and 333.33gp worth in jewels!

My first bid for the Ring of protection is: 9000gp!

Can Durin use it in conjunction with his Ring of Defence?

RoboGeek said...

What is a ring of "defence"?

Do you mean protection, or resistance maybe?

Hedzor said...

Durin got it from Peter-paul's 'Convenient Caravan of Lovely Magic'.
(It grants 'Resistance AND Protection!)

RoboGeek said...

Thesis is very happy with his new gloves and immediately tries them
out with his version of the "Iron Man" challenge. He swims 3miles,
runs 20miles ad then climbs 500 feet up a vertical cliff-face!

Come on, race you!!

Good also that they cost so little as compared to all the other main
magic items ;)

It does leave Thesis with a lot of spending money and he looks over to
Eolar with a thoughtful glint in his eye, imagining what how awesome
he'd be with a "Belt of Giant Strength" .... ;)

Joebroesel said...

Kirk was correct: Ring of defense grants deflection bonus to AC and resistance bonus to saves.
Therefore it wouldn't stack with a ring of protection (also deflection bonus).

Eolar can soon open a shop. The only problem is time and XP (which he loses with every item). He has a long wishlist now (in addition to his own) and will see what he can do :)

Hedzor said...

You could be the first DM whose character actually goes down a level while DM'ing!

TieDye said...

I'll bid 10,000 gp and will give Mendez Durin's ring of defense.

Hedzor said...

What kind of Namby-Pamby, Dwarven, Barbarian are you?
Hiding behind magical armour, shields and jewellery!
If you really, really want it, I'll concede.
Given our current embarresment of riches, bidding could get very silly.
10,000gp for the ring means an extra thousand gold pieces divided amongst five of us.
Eolar, Chen, Wer, Thesis and Mendez get an extra 200gp each,
(Mendez also hapily bounces up and down as he receives the Ring of Defence+1. Thanks Durin.)

TieDye said...

=) Hey, I figure I can take more hits this way. Also, seeing as how the effects don't stack with the rings, the +1 Defense ring was only good for saving bonuses, which just increased thanks to my leveling up.

Hedzor said...

What does that make your AC?

Joebroesel said...

Ok, Eolar also bought the 6 +1 maces for his monastery defense squad. (Makes 7 +1 maces in the monastery since Elogyn also had one)