Monday, July 6, 2009

New Banner : Bunnies, Eagles and Dragonborn

Notable absences from the tardy Mendez and the drunk Thesis in this one, but it seems that the session was both successful (no-one died and the group laid waste to everyone/thing!) and highly entertaining.

Two ships destroyed, one captured. One trounced by the tail-whip of a summoned whale. Flying Kobolds shot by balistas. Kobolds decimated, but still able to sabotage the guns. A water-elemental summoned and then turned back on the party. In the meanwhile knocking the highest level enemy into the water, magic sword, armour and all. And the hilarity of a Dragonborn cleric morphed into a bunny rabbit, but still able to cast spells and wreak havoc. But Wer-as-Eagle had the last laugh plucking him from his escape dinghy and dropping him into the water.

Epic and hilarious I'm sure you'll agree ;)


Hedzor said...

I finally worked out how to represent Wer in animal forms...
The hair braids!

Joebroesel said...

Great banner! Like the bunny :D
And yes, the hair braids work absolutely fine. Already looking forward where they might appear in other animal forms.....did we mention that she also had shark form (or non-gay dolphin form to be more exact) ;-)

Charlie Stilton said...

Love the lizard man's armour, though I have to take issue with one thing:

The banner shows Eolar leading the fight, but I seem to remember him cowering - er I mean questioning the prisoners - below decks for half the session!