Friday, July 17, 2009

Diamonds and Pearls

After the celebrations, the Merfolk honour their promise. Each of the adventurers is given a small ‘gift bag’ containing three large and perfectly spherical pearls.
As Leone presents them, she also hands over the ‘Conch shell (bottle) of air’.
“Please accept this as a gift. You shall forever be known as friends of the Merfolk.”

Elogyn is surprisingly included in the gift presentation.

This is in addition to the wondrous ‘Portable hole’ and the assorted diamonds dug from the Desmodu cavern ceiling.

The Pearls are perfect and worth 100gp each. (Total value: 1,500gp.)
The ‘Conch shell (bottle) of air’ has a resale value of: 3,625gp.
The ‘Portable hole’ has a resale value of: 10,000gp.
The diamonds collected are put in a pile for equal division.
120 of the ‘Rough diamonds’ are worth 10gp each. (Total value: 1,200gp.)
44 of the ‘Rough diamonds’ are worth 25gp each. (Total value: 1,100gp.)

Not a bad haul considering.
Remember to delete any items/potions used during the two days.


Joebroesel said...

Back in Febril, Eolar vistits some merchants to sell the loot and appraise the diamonds:

Chen, Wer and Thesis:
3 pearls (100gp each)
575 gp worth in diamonds
3481.25 gp

6 pearls
575 gp worth in diamonds
3181.25 gp

Magic to bid for (and included above):
Portable hole (10000gp)
Conch Shell (3625gp)

Durin left before anything happended as far as I can remember but was there and can bid for things. Please post here who took the hole and the shell (and as always deduct the price from your money)

Hedzor said...

Wouldn't it be easier and less confusing to do this on a whole new DT's entry?