Friday, July 3, 2009

Sinking into Apotheosis

Krakataos held the sword of his grandfathers clenched tight in his hands as his heavy armour dragged him down to the depths. The sight of the sunlight glittering on the silvery metal dimming as he sank away from the surface, comforted him. He had died fighting the enemies of his clan and his Queen, his crews had fought bravely, even destroying themselves and their ship when they were left with no choice.

His only regret was that his blade would go to the depths without tasting the blood of the mon-keigh. They were not the mindless animals he had thought them at first. It would have been glorious to cut them down and let his sword revel in death one last time. It had served him well, as it had his ancestors since it was forged in the breath of a great red wyrm at the dawn of time. But now it was sinking into darkness and obscurity.

Krakataos felt his life ebbing away as the cool waters surrounded him. He offered a prayer of forgiveness and devotion to the Dark Queen of the Depths into whose embrace he was slowly falling. He could only hope that his failure to destroy the mon-keighs would not endanger the rest of the fleet, and that his comrades would make good their age-old promise of revenge upon the usurping mammals.

He turned in the water, staring down into the abyss, facing his destiny with open eyes. Before consciousness left him, he thought he saw a shape of a dragon sliding through the waters below him. A dragon and a...bunny rabbit?


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