Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mendez Misses the Boat

After laying the Sorceress, Belit, gently down upon the deck of the ‘Pride of St Cuthbert’, Mendez dashed across the deck of Lejon’s stricken ship.
Intending to usher the crew of the recently renamed ‘Tequila Sunrise’ to safety, Mendez made the, often fatal, mistake of assuming too much time.
After gathering up his precious belongings, Mendez clambered up the stairwell only to see the mighty Thesis leaping over to Eolar’s departing ship.
Licking his lips, Mendez looks from the ever-growing distance between the ships down to the magical boots purloined from Captain Ironheart.
Could he make it?
The sight of the three advancing Kobold ships changing tack makes Mendez’ mind up for him.
He still owes Eolar for his life, but surely the beautiful Sorceress and handsome Paladin can’t be the villains in this saga?
Slinking below deck of Lejon’s crippled ship, Mendez looks for a place to hide...
And perhaps some treasure?


Charlie Stilton said...

Chen looks down from the rigging, checking that all his comrades are safely aboard.

Oh, no! Mendez is still on the other ship. At least, though, if Thesis can make the jump Mendez - with his speed and magical boots - can...

Wait, what's this? He's slinking below decks...? Chen shakes his head is disbelief. Maybe the confinement of the ships has gotten to his friend - giving new meaning to the term 'cabin fever'.

Hedzor said...

Chen's head drops with disappointment. He'd started to think more positively of Mendez.
Then he realises his mistake. Thesis had not made the jump and was now floundering in the choppy waters. Thesis' leaping ability was astounding. If he could fail it would be touch and go if Mendez could have.
Perhaps expedience was wise rather than cowardly?

RoboGeek said...

Oops - should have read this more aposite explaination of Thesis absence than the, albeit closer to reality, one above ;)