Friday, July 24, 2009

I am become like dust and ashes

Lejon growls at Mendez. “Why should I speak to you, unbeliever? You are nothing but a fool, a leaf buffeted by the base winds of your desires, serving the commands of a church you do not believe in to fill your own purse.

As Eolar approaches he turns to him. “I demand that you bring me to justice. Bring me back to Febril and hand me over to Commander Therion’s men. I must be tried by my order and not by the likes of the Navy. They are as corrupt as the pirates they are claiming to fight. I have seen them, fanning out like a swarm of locusts, clearing the path for the dragon-men, attacking the innocent, burning and plundering ships, spilling the blood of believers into the sea. They attacked me when I challenged them, blockading me from reaching the Furnace Coast. I do not accept their justice, nor the justice of anyone flying under their colours.

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Hedzor said...

Typical bloody Paladin. There’s me, offering him the hand of friendship and he has the audacity to slap it away!
Shown some civility, I would gladly have been Sancho Panza to his Don Quixote.
Also, isn’t our ship ‘The Pride of St Cuthbert’ flying the church’s colours?
I still believe Lejon innocent, but I no longer care about him or this whole crusade.
Now captured, will our ‘actual’ mission be complete on his delivery to Firbril?
Mendez has less interest in battling Dragon-men than he had in helping the Merfolk.
“Let us accede to his wishes. The sooner we’re back on dry land the better.”

(Is the header a quote from the Bible?)