Thursday, July 16, 2009

Crabby Patties all Round

The Mermen hoist the party members onto their muscular shoulders and carry them back to the Merfolk settlement.
The victorious party are greeted by cheers of support. Even Leone’s father looks mollified. A scavenger group is sent out and a feast is quickly prepared.
The Mermaids and Mermen crunch easily through the giant crab shell with their pointed, needle-like teeth. Eolar, Chen and the other ‘Air-breathers’ (aside from Thesis) are forced to adopt a slightly more dainty approach.
Eating while under water proves to be a difficult task, but it can’t be denied… Giant crab tastes delicious!


RoboGeek said...

Can you get drunk underwater? Or do you just get breathed? Had a little too much Nitrogen/Oxygen/CO2 last night ...

And, if you can, Thesis did. And tried out his charm on the hot Mermaids. Just to figure out how it all works, you understand!

Hedzor said...

Apparently some fish bare live young...
So why not.
Does it sound weird to say 'Get stuck in'?