Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bailey’s Realisation

Bailey jogs joyously through the wood, back towards the Goblin war camp. Despite the recent attack and the loss of his quarry, he’s never felt this happy. His friend had come to save him. His friend whose name… eludes him.
Bailey stops and a deep and worrying frown returns to his forehead. The frown turns into a grimace and Bailey thrusts his head back and screams with rage.
“Curse you Sorcerer! I’ll have my revenge on you and all that stand between us.”
Bailey draws his enormous sword; turns around and heads back to the camp. He gnashes his teeth on finding it deserted.
Without the skills to track, he can’t tell which way they headed. So scavenging what he can, he starts the long, solitary trudge back to Seawell.


RoboGeek said...

Oh, very good! He goes back to Skinner with no prize, but with the information about the group that he encountered.
We are definitely NEVER welcome in Seawell again.

Insanodag said...

Oh well...there are plenty of more charm person spells where that came from, and with a bluff skill of +9, I am sure we can work something out...