Sunday, February 22, 2009

Of Brothers and Lovers

Mendez wakes up as the rising sun bathes him in its warm glow. He’s been asleep for over a day and a half. Groggily making his way downstairs he finds his brothers Tao and Sancho as well as his ex slave girl Zia. They are all looking shame faced.
“What’s happened? What’s going on here?”
Tao explains that he had dropped a sleeping draft into Mendez’s drink and snuck off alone to the magical cave. He had stolen three camel loads of treasure and worse, he’d forgotten to close the cave mouth.
Mendez frowns in confusion. “But why go alone brother?”
Tao explains about his past jealousy and begs Mendez for forgiveness.
Zia then goes on to describe the actions of the two mysterious men she had seen and what she had done to thwart them.
“This seems clever to me Zia. The men are obviously Baba’s lackeys, but more importantly, why haven't you been in my bed and why have you been avoiding me since my return?”
Zia looks to Sancho. Sancho in turn, looks directly at his sandals.
“Sancho! I said look after Zia for me, not seduce her!”
Sancho’s cheeks burn red and he stutters out an apology. “ I’m sorry brother, I didn’t mean for anything to happen…”
Mendez silences his chubby sibling with a raised hand and a smile. “It’s alright Sancho. I had no right to expect Zia to wait around for me. She is lovely and wise to have chosen you. She’ll be a welcome addition to our family. I do expect you to name your first child after me though. Wasn’t it me who introduced you?”
Then he turns to Tao. “There is nothing to forgive you for either Tao. While you stayed here and supported our family, I ran from my obligations. If Father favours me, he is mistaken. If anything, it is I who owe you an apology.”
Tears spring to all their eyes and the three brothers embrace.
“Now, what are we going to do about these pesky bandits?”


Charlie Stilton said...

Ouch! That new banner looks particularly painful for Chen!

Insanodag said...

And the position of Thesis is quite apt...

Joebroesel said...

Actually, he is way too close ;-)

Hedzor said...

Assif suggested that I should have drawn him far away. (Small.)
Unfortunately the banners are (loosely) based on Egyptian hieroglyphics. There is no third dimension.