Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Jump back in Time

The misshapen giant glares up at the flying warrior twenty feet above him.
Both heads howling in rage and frustration, it takes a few giant steps back and striding forward, it leaps into the air. Twisting around it lashes out simultaneously with it’s two Dwarven War axes. One slashes wildly, but the other one connects. Beneath it’s twin helmets, smiles spread across both it’s faces. Another foe dead.
It’s roar of triumph quickly turns into an cry of anguish though as it crashes back to earth. Seriously injured and under attack by the human’s allies, it flounders back through the huge avery doors and kicks them shut.

(Assif, retrospectively but rightly, questioned my poor application of the ‘jump’ rules. I reconsidered the action and although just about able to justify it, I did have to push the rules a bit. Imagine this encounter being directed by John Woo.)

1 comment:

RoboGeek said...

Damn. Done in by a 2-headed three-legged souble axe-weilding javeling throwing NINJA giant.

Crouching-tiger Hidden-dragon has a LOT to answer for. :(